Trooper was rescued from a shelter where he wasn’t coping well, and he had been there for quite some time.

Trooper was found stray, and was thought to be an outside dog, with little socialization. He is approximately 7 years old, and an BC mix. He was quite a large dog, although very slender. I worked at putting those pounds back on him.

He had no idea of how to walk on a leash, and was all over the place, and really strong. He also showed a lot of anxiety behaviours, and would constantly pace. Trooper’s biggest issue was fear based aggression. He would lunge and try to attack people/dogs while on leash. It was to the point where Dahlia from Mighty Mutts came over to assist me in his training. And she did a wonderful job training Trooper….errrrr…! Buster and Trooper grew into best buddies. They would play non stop – and the size difference was hilarious, but they made it work. Unfortunately Trooper was returned back to the Humane Society 2 times due to aggression issues towards children. But now he is living the life in his furever home, with tons of dog friends!

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