Vincent (Van Gogh), was one of my foster dogs. He is about 3 years old, and originally came from a hoarding situation. There were 30 plus chis removed from a house last spring (2011). All were adopted out from the humane society with the exception of a couple…Vincent being one of them. With one ear having been chewed off as a pup, and missing part of another -combined with him not wanting to intact or be touched – he was overlooked by everyone. After several of months, he was turned over to the CCRT, and placed in a foster home, where he made some great progress, and was adopted out. However after 6 months of being in his new home, his adoptive parents decided to return him due to him marking indoors.

When I took Vincent in he was very fearĀ  based, and frightened in many different situations. In the short time I had Vincent, he made some great progress and very quickly. My dog Harley took Vincent under his wing, and showed him how to play. In addition there was a nightly ritual where Harley would clean out Vincent’s ears. Not surprisingly Vincent generated great interest, and it wasn’t long until he was adopted into his new furever home with new doggy bro Vito. He has since settled right in, and and getting the chance he deserves at life to be happy.


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  1. how adorable. I would love to put in the time for him.

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