Dogs, dogs, dogs….

A good photographer takes a lot of pictures.  An excellent photographer has her camera with her at all times.  And because Trish Aleve is both an excellent photographer and also surrounded by dogs and pets most of the time, she is has honed her pet photography craft to a fine art.  As you will see from the portfolio of dogs she has photographed, she is comfortable shooting in any circumstance. Posed studio type shots come as naturally as capturing a micro-second moment in the great outdoors.  Her ability to read a dogs body language and intention allows her to snap images that most would miss even were they aware they are about to happen.  And her natural empathy for all animals allows her to make her subjects as comfortable being photographed as she is taking their pictures.

If you are looking for a expert pet photographer in Mississauga, Toronto or the surrounding GTA area, you will do very well to have a look through Trish Aleve and Pawsome Pet Photography’s extensive portfolio here on this page and the other pages in this site.

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  1. Hi Trish, you are a great pet photographer, I enjoyed looking at your pet gallery.
    Have good weekend

  2. Hey – I AM here – lookit everybody, I’m practically famous – photos by Trish at Pawsome – woo hoo!

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