I adopted Harley in March 2011. He is a chihuahua that unfortunately had ended up in several homes, before being surrendered to the CCRT. When I brought him home, he was exptremely fearful, of even little things like a leash. Harley also had issues with fear aggression, where he would act out to certain people, in addition to any dog bigger than him (which is pretty much all dogs). With lots of practice and help from Dahlia at Mighty Mutts, it wasn’t long until Harley became more confident, and not feeling the need to go on the attack. He is now a confident silly little boy, who is always making me laugh. When he startes to get playful, he gets the zoomies…and he is fast. He loves to get other dogs to chase him. Harley has a job to do also…he teaches the fosters that come into our house, how to be well balanced dog. Harley is usually in charge of teaching the new dog how to play and have fun. And he is the best snuggler ever!

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  1. Great pictures. I ADORE Harley. He is sooooo. cute!

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