Hollywood 5 year old chihuahua JRT cross. He came from an abusive situation. Hollywood is a great little dog, with a few big issues. The main issue that I have been working with him on is his aggression. It can be fear based, or his way of trying to control or dominate a situation. He has made lots of progress, but still has a ways to go before he will be ready for adoption. Hollywood is a super sweet boy most of the time, he is very smart, and full of energy. This boy deserves a loving furever home.

UPDATE: Hollywood has been adopted!  After a foster term of almost one year where pet photographer and foster mum Trish Aleve dedicated untold hours of dedicated training and rehabilitation, Hollywood was adopted by a family who themselves have an incredible store of dog-savvy know how in managing Hollywood’s actions and reactions. They are an amazing family, and by all reports Hollywood is thriving and very well-loved!


  1. This is beeeeautiful Trish – and hey, I want my peekchure on the wall of fame too!

    • Trish

      Maybe you should check out the dogs, dogs, dogs gallery…might see yourself and some friends!

  2. You are amazing! Great pictures!

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