Mishu is a long-hair chihuahua that came into rescue with Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport because his original owners could no longer care for him. One of two puppies born to a family who let their dogs remain unaltered, he was the more shy of the two, a personality made more challenging by the circumstances of his living arrangement.  Bounced from home to home, and having spent long amounts of time cringing in a crate, when he came into rescue he was still young, under one year, but with some challenges that needed to be addressed before he could be re-homed.

Pet photographer and foster volunteer Trish Aleve was up to the task.  Not only did she see Mishu through his medical procedures – standard vaccinations, neuter, and some minor initial issues associated with his prior lifestyle – she dedicated her time and attentions to the behavioural rehabilitation mandatory to re-home him to a responsible new family.  Trish sought extra training advice when she needed it – and learned even more to add to her amazing fostering repertoire – and relied on the natural empathy she has with all animals to bring remarkable and swift changes to Mishu’s life. Changes that allowed him to flourish!

Within six short weeks, Mishu was in fact adopted by an amazing furever family, where Mishu has a chihuahua sister and two cats to keep him company.

For more details about Mishu’s journey through rescue, visit the Pawsome Diary of a Dog Rescue, sponsored, shot and co-written by Trish Aleve and Pawsome Pet Photography with Furever Network.

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