Pawsome Diary of a Dog Rescue

Pawsome Diary of a Dog Rescue

Mishu Pawsome Diary of a Dog RescuePhoto documentary series on Furever Network. Trish Aleve of Pawsome Pet Photography not only loves to take pictures of dogs, she also fosters homeless dogs for Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport.

Furever Network and Pawsome Pet Photography combined forces and created a written and pictorial diary of Mishu the foster dog, a long haired chihuahua less than a year old.  The series unfolded from the moment he was surrendered, then followed the course of bringing him into foster care, his rehabilitation and the basic training required to place him in an appropriate home, through his actual adoption. Not only was Trish acting as principle photographer on the series, she was both subject and contributing writer.

The collaborative project was undertaken in an effort to bring more understanding of the incredible work that foster families and rescue organizations do, freely and without any form of financial compensation, to get just one dog adopted into a loving forever home.  It captured and inspired a host of foster volunteers across the country who kept tabs on Trish and Mishu’s three-times a week installments, and earned her a loyal fan base on the site and on the social media platforms to which it was syndicated.

During the course of the project, Trish produced over 300 photos selected for the series, half of which were published in the web series. The series was also filmed for an upcoming television documentary series produced by Furever Network called “Furever Home” to be broadcast on The Pet Network, and many more of Trish’s excellent documentary images will be used in the course of the production.

Pawsome Pet Photography is an ongoing Partner in Furever Network, and continues to both foster and take amazing pet photographs of the dogs she has in her care and others being fostered by Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport.

You can follow Mishu’s Pawsome Diary of a Dog Rescue here:

Furever Network – Diary of a Dog Rescue


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