Cisco is currently being fostered through RTRC. Cisco was originally found as a stray in Indiana, so there is not much know about his past. He is thought to be approximately 1 year old, and currently weighs 14lbs. Cisco is very active, and loves to play with both humans and other dogs. Once tired he is more than happy to snuggle up in your lap to watch a TV or movie. Cisco acts very much like a puppy, exploring everything, and jumping on people, and mouthing (these are all being worked on). Cisco is housebroken with the occasional accident.
Cisco is looking for a furever home that will give him a minimum of 1 hour of exercise per day. He will also need to have an owner that is experienced in owning dogs, as he needs consistent direction, and learns well through both positive reinforcement and also needs corrections. Due to his needs for consistent leadership – he will require everyone in the household to interact/train him in the same manner, and would not do well with children under 14 years. He would also benefit from another playful dog in the home, but this is not a must.
Cisco is not suitable to be adopted into a condo/apartment, as he tends to cry and bark for a period of time when left alone.

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